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Colleagues at Work

Envestion Private Equity

Portfolio Risk Management

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Colleagues at Work

Our founders being front and center of the 2008 mortgage market collapse having over 17,000 brokers and not being "Too Big to Fail" understand leverage and risk.  The very point of a bank is to get higher returns which comes with a certain inherent risk.  This can be a significant balancing act and exactly why Envestion was born.  Envestion is the hedge and/or protection for a bank where other banks & entities can buy discounted debt if a bank such as SVB becomes over leveraged. This is no longer a case study from 2008.   The debt will be at significant discounts before the public and fear sets in, can stop the bleeding, potentially saving the bank from failing.  The buying entity gets to add to their balance sheet at great value.   

Colleagues at Work

Now is the time and place to have any assets ready to sell should the need arise to lighten your balance sheet quickly.   All assets considered.  In some cases you will be able to purchase assets back over a period of time.

Institutional Buyers
These will be heavily discounted assets ready for purchase with explosive growth potential.  Selling banks over time may even want to buy back the assets when stabilized.


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